What the hell is wrong with me? (Please dont answer that!) I sill work at that craphole and I  still hate it so much. I am patiently waiting to win the lottery and never have to work again but my patience is wearing very thin here.
I have seen dozens of employees come and go through this place and here I am, still being a slave. I am super annoyed with over half the people there and would just love to punch one of them in the throat, just once, one time shouldnt hurt for long, just hold still for five seconds would ya?
I have been tempted on SEVERAL occassions to just walk the fuck out of there while telling everyone how much they suck balls, but I  cant because apparently  I need to pay the bills. Who’s bright idea was that anyways? That guy is definitely  an asshole.
Speaking of assholes…. What in the hell is wrong with my boss? I mean he cant even pay me on time anymore but he always buys new stupid bullshit like a 15 inch darth vador doll…… uhhhh wtf? Darth Vador in a cajun restaurant? You hillbilly fuck, it doesnt belong here! Oh one last thing, I  find it really fucked up that he can go out of his way and pay off someones christmas layway at walmart but wont give me a christmas bonus or help me out when I  am days away from an eviction.. i have known this fucknug for almost 2 years and have slaved to make this restaurant  succeed and this is the thanks I get?? Wow, makes me so fucking happy to be working for you, you fucking moron you.


$3 Tip On A $120 Bill… Eat Shit…

Why can’t people tip properly???? Seriously if you want me to run my ass off for you then you better fucking tip me right!!!  $3 on a large bill is bullshit and unfortunately I can’t say shit to you because I will probably get fired for telling you to suck a fat cock.
If it were up to me, people would have to tip before receiving service. That way we can all be assured you get the service you pay for and I work however hard your tip amount is.
Also when cashing out listen to the words that I say to you. The tip percentage is based on a discounted amount and not on the full total. Did you catch that? Or would you be one of the hundreds of people who either don’t listen or don’t care and tip me $2 on a $50-$80 check originally.
Fuck I hate my job. I really can’t wait to quit. And to anyone who tips like shit.. You sir, are an asshole.

Seriously??? What The Fuck!!!

So today was a normal day filled with bullshit and demands. Another day of me wanting to throat punch some random asshole that gives me any shit. Its a fuckin joy.
At the end of my shift today I decided to order some food so I didn’t have to pay for anything. I refuse to pay for it even though they say I should pay at least half but if he is getting my time at this bullshit wage then I eat free and I could care less if they don’t like it. What’s he gonna do? Stop me? Nope, not even my own boss won’t fuck with me. Smart man.
Anyways, I get a burger with cheese only with fries and a salad… Did you catch that? CHEESE ONLY. This retard cook hands me a burger covered with mushrooms and onions. That’s not fucking cheese only! How fucking hard is it to make an order the way it was ordered? Apparently it is fucking impossible in this shit hole. My dumb ass salad was supposed to have meats and cheese all over it. Guess what I got… lettuce, tomato, crouton salad. Ummm where the fuck is the rest??? Its missing 5 ingredients. Making a salad must have fried his brain and he went full retard on that shit.


Stupid asses I swear!! I am tempted to get on one of those review sites like or something like it and give the restaurant a bad review. That’s how shitty I am and I am fully okay with that.

O.M.G. Something Good Actually Happened???

Just got the best phone call. It was one of the other servers calling to let me know that I can take the night off tonight because its been dead all day.
I wonder whats going on at that place. Most people don’t have a problem with the food or service and have been repeat customers ever since we opened but this weekend has been terrible business wise. That’s not good just because I can’t make money like that.
The plus side of it is that I don’t have to deal with anyone, except my husband, tonight. Which makes me … well…. indifferent. Probably not the best words to come from a wife but after all I am “the raging waitress” which can apply to home life as “the lunatic life”.
After careful evaluation of myself, I realize that I am a lot like the girl from waiting, you know, the one when is nice to the customers and in the back she is really pissed. Yea that’s me.

10 Seconds Until I Go Fucking Postal!!

I got to work early tonight. I was hoping to see the other server but I didn’t see anyone. What the hell? Where is everyone? I know that there is supposed to be a server here because its Friday. I look around and don’t see anyone.
The phone rings and the boss answers it. He then tells whoever he is talking to that he send everyone but me home because its been dead all day……
I’m obviously really pissed off right now. Like so pissed that I am ready to assault someone.
The night continues to be slow as fuck. I can’t stand it. One at a time the stupid tables come in. When that tables leaves I get to sit around for 20 minutes or so before another fucking table casually strolls in and pisses me off. When will it end? Closing time, that’s when. Fuck closing time.. I’m ready to leave NOW!
At this moment, not only am I starving to death (yes I work in a restaurant but fuck this food it sucks) and waiting for four douche bags to vacate the premises. They are seriously the slowest eating people I have ever seen.
Thank aliens they are almost done (45 minutes later) so I am about to leave this place a wreck and run out of here like I just robbed the place.

Do I Really Have To Go To Work Again??

I dread going to work, as most people do. But I literally despise it. I only do it because I have to pay the bills that continue to go up as my pay stays the same. Its honestly complete bullshit. I’m sure you know exactly what I am saying.
My favorite part of the work day is the end, when I clock out and walk out the door. I love the feeling of being done with it for the night and the feeling of the fresh air outside.
Driving down the road heading away from work with the windows down and the radio on. Have a cigarette lit and just cruisin. Now that’s the best part of a work day.
I really can’t wait for this Friday night to be over with.
Enjoy your fourth everyone!

So You Don’t Want To Do Your Side Work Huh?

Funny. Since the day this bitch started working here she has not done any of her side work. Well I just learned tonight that she will be working the morning shift tomorrow.
I have to close tonight and I don’t feel like doing my side work. I will just leave it for her to do since she loves to do that to me.
How about a taste of her own medicine huh. Here is a short list of the things I won’t be doing tonight.
1) Cleaning the bathrooms
2) cleaning the dining room
3) restocking everything
4) giving a fuck
So there you have it. That’s my list. Pretty generic but you get the idea.